Maintain a Safe and Sturdy Deck

Schedule deck waterproofing and deck repair services in Seattle, Mt Vernon, WA or surrounding areas

To keep your deck in good shape, it's a good idea to schedule routine deck repair services. This way, you can address small breaks, cracks or holes before they turn into big issues. FS Restoration LLC wants to preserve the look and condition of your deck. We offer commercial, residential and industrial deck repair services in Seattle, Mt Vernon, WA and the surrounding areas.

Our skilled pros can:

  • Remove rotting boards
  • Waterproof your wood boards
  • Install low-bearing support beams
  • Divert water away from your deck
  • Replace unstable handrails

Be confident that your deck holds up against the elements by arranging for deck waterproofing or deck repair services in the Seattle or Mt Vernon, WA area.